Heritage periodic table

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Average Profit Margin: $19.15

Average Selling Product: $34.99

Practical and Educative
This product is a rectangle plate where displaying periodic table, it can show most chemical element information that is related to your chemistry course.
Acrylic Materials
The display plate is made of acrylic, which is safe and non-toxic, no bad smell, no wear and tear over time, making learning more fun, learning tools designed by professional teachers for students, excellent quality.
Wide Use
This is a great gift for students, teachers, and friends, is also very suitable for display on tables, shelf, etc, can also be a very rich ornament in the home.
Creating Learning Atmosphere
Put it at home or school, you can see it all the time, deepen your memory and create a very warm learning atmosphere. Learn about the periodic table in an easy-to-understand way, inspiring parent-child interaction and family discussion.
Transparent and Decorative
The elements periodic table display tablet adopts transparent color, with an elegant appearance, low turbidity, light and strong toughness. It can be put on table as decoration.

Type: Periodic Table Display Plate
Quantity: 1PC
Material: Acrylic
Color: Transparent
Size: 17*12*2.4cm/6.68*4.72*0.94inch; 15*11.4*2cm/5.9*4.48*0.79inch
Net Weight: 500.0g/17.64oz; 360.0g/12.70oz

Offer Type: Retail Price

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