Stainless steel butcher knife

Average Product Cost: $23.70

Average Profit Margin: $21.18

Average Selling Product: $44.88

Since kitchen knives will be an investment that is used daily for all your cooking days, selecting good quality ones that have durability, strength, good handling, and endurance is a must. A hand-forged, exclusive Stainless steel butcher knife is all you need to feel like a professional chef in your own kitchen. Its blade is made of high carbon materials, increased hardness and sharpness durable, and not easy to rust.  It cuts smoothly, effortlessly, and momentarily, which is all we look for in a chef’s knife. You could even cut through wood with this hardened carbon steel blade, which is made to provide extreme sharpness throughout many years of use. You will never need another knife in your lifetime! Get it now!

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