Wireless bicycle smart light

Average Product Cost: $22.74

Average Profit Margin: $12.24

Average Selling Product: $34.98

Have you ever worried about safety when cycling at night? Don’t worry, our “Wireless bicycle smart light” will help you to solve that problem. The light has a 180-degree field of view width, visibility up to 150M, utilization of a high-brightness comb lens, offers super brightness for you but not dazzling, all clearly visible for the night no matter rain or fog. With an intelligent sensor, this light will turn on automatically riding in low brightness and turn off in high brightness. Also will turn on when braking, automatically switches to brake light mode when decelerating. It has IPX6 waterproof and dustproof, water spray from any direction will not enter the light even in big raining. The light comes with a USB cord that charges form your computer, wall charger, power bank or any other device with a USB port. This light is easy to mount. Get it now!

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