Laptop cooling pad

Average Product Cost: $21.85

Average Profit Margin: $14.18

Average Selling Product: $36.03

After a long time using, your laptop becomes too hot that could burn the hand, it’s so dangerous. Let’s fix that and low your laptop’s heat with this Laptop cooling pad. Strong, durable but lightweight construction with a metal mesh front. With 6 points height adjustable tilt and anti-slip design, your laptop can breathe easily with this ultimate notebook cooler. And it’s powered by USB, moreover, a dual USB hub allows for connecting more USB devices. Also doubles up as a desktop stand for your laptop. Finally, 5 built-in fans with blue LEDs, you can select 1 fan working, 4 fans working, or all 5 working together, and the independent control is the same for the LEDs. More convenient with ports adjustable mounts laptop stand height angle. Shopping now!

Offer Type: Retail Price

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