Automatic breast pump

Average Product Cost: $31.46

Average Profit Margin: $38.53

Average Selling Product: $69.99

Using a quality breast pump will help you maintain your milk supply when you are away from your baby or if your baby is too premature or sick to breastfeed. Breastfeeding is the best option for your baby and this Automatic breast pump will make it easy. The Automatic breast pump fits under your bra comfortably so you can keep being the super mom you are while preparing your baby’s milk at the same time. It is extremely quiet, you can pump near your sleeping baby without disrupting their sleep, and you can pump on your own terms, wherever and whenever you want- no one would even notice a thing. This breast pump includes gentle silicone shields for the perfect fit around your nipple. Too convenient, get it for you today!

Offer Type: Retail Price

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